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Bryan H. Nichols
308 E Roseland Ave
Plant City, FL, 33563
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I have a unique, interdisciplinary background that includes experience in marine & wildlife ecology, science education, and journalism. My dissertation defines earth smarts (socioecological literacy), an educational framework that describes the qualities we need to justly maintain or improve our quality of life in a changing world (see for more). Before my doctorate in curriculum & instruction (science education), I earned concurrent master's degrees in marine science (sound production in rockfishes) and journalism (science journalism).

I love teaching, writing and research, particularly when the outdoors is involved. My work experience includes fieldwork in wildlife and marine biology throughout North America and Belize, on species as varied as bears, wolves, killer whales, and fishes. I have a wide range of teaching experience with diverse students, from fourth graders to undergraduates, including adult education. I am constantly updating my teaching techniques, and am involved in several different strands of educational research and curriculum development. I am a published freelance writer/photographer, with a long running column in sea kayaking magazine Wavelength and numerous other credits.

I am currently teaching courses and managing a large STEM grant for Title 1 middle school teachers at the University of South Florida. Please use the links to the left to find out more. Printable PDF versions of my curriculum vitae, teaching philosophy, and research insterests are also available. Estoy aprendiendo español.

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